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Concentrated Counseling

Jump start the therapeutic process by enrolling in online group and individual classes.  

Adult Survivors of Childhood Chaos​

Were you abused and/or raised in a dysfunctional home? Learn how to Heal and Thrive.

How to Blow Up Your Life... The Right Way

Are you miserable? Is your life not how you imagined? Learn how to make big decisions to change your life without feeling guilty.

Family of Origin

Why you are who you are and why it's so hard to change.


Are you a people pleaser?  Is it difficult for you to stand your ground? Learn ways to say what you want, while maintaining your relationships

Mourning the Living

Learn how to move past unrequited love, unmet expectations, and dreams that won’t become reality.

Parenting a Suicidal Child

Learn how to take care for your child and yourself during this stressful situation.

*Purchasing the online classes does not initiate a therapeutic relationship. 

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