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Whether working with teens, adults or families my approach is the same - honest, direct, casual and focused on your strengths. 


My clients are usually the people everyone else leans on.  They find it hard to express or even acknowledge their own feelings because they're taking care of others at home/work/school.  Some have a history of tough experiences they don't feel safe talking about.  My clients are strong but need help creating boundaries so they aren't used/dismissed by others or come off as too aggressive.  I help families in crisis and work with people in need of support as they make difficult decisions.  

I incorporate a variety of methods in treatment including family systems, mindfulness, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing.  Therapy can be brief and goal-oriented or methodical.  


Regardless of the approach, you'll quickly gain insights and be on the road to healing yourself soon.  



“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”                            Carl Jung  

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